A new meme on Twitter suggests it’s the first day of August.

A popular photo shows a man standing on the top of a barbecue pizza, eating pizza while holding a sign saying “Be my guest!”

While this is the first known image to be attributed to the meme, it’s not the first time the meme has been used.

In August, it was tweeted that people could order a barbecue at a bar in a “worldwide pizza party.”

However, a number of memes have been attributed to this particular image, including a parody of “Saturday Night Live” character “Maggie Gyllenhaal,” which has been retweeted more than 30,000 times.

Other popular images have included a photo of a woman wearing a red jacket, which was retweeted by a person claiming to be a pizza delivery driver, and an image of a young girl who appears to be holding a pizza.

A picture posted on Twitter on August 7 showed a man eating a barbecue on top of his house, as the caption “Bemy guest.”

The caption was later removed, but the image remained.

The man who made the tweet, who also tweeted a picture of a man with a sign reading “Be My Guest,” did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The picture has been linked to other tweets from the same account that have featured a pizza box with a caption that reads, “I love you” and “Welcome to my barbecue.”