A New Jersey barbecue restaurant has become the latest restaurant to ban meat from its menu after it was the first to do so in the state.

Barbecue in the Garden State, which opened in 2017, is the latest in a series of restaurants in New Jersey to make meat-free options available.

The Garden State is the second-most meat-eaters in the United States, and the Garden state’s meat consumption has soared in recent years, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Since January 2017, New Jersey restaurants have banned all meat, seafood and poultry, along with dairy products and eggs, according the GardenState.com website.

The ban comes in the wake of a series a recent incidents that saw diners on the Garden Shore suffer food poisoning and illness after eating at a local New Jersey barbershop, according ABC News affiliate WCBS.WCBS reports that one person has died and another three were hospitalized.

One of the restaurants is called the Garden Barbecue Company, according its website.

The other restaurants are the Garden Restaurant in the City of Newark and Garden Restaurant at Rockaway Beach.

New Jersey has more than 30 restaurants.

The Garden State has about 2,600 restaurants.