A lot of the Lakers’ success has been built on a team that has been in the midst of a playoff drought.

They’ve made the playoffs just twice since 2008 and have gone 0-5 in their last six games.

But, as Phil Knight points out, that hasn’t stopped the fans from showing their love for the team.

The Lakers have a unique ability to build hype around their home games and make fans feel like they’re part of a special family.

When Kobe Bryant returns to the court this weekend, he’s expected to receive a standing ovation at Staples Center, according to SportsCenter.

But while the fans are in the house, it’s not just the fans who are excited.

Knight points to the team’s success as proof of why fans are so passionate about the Lakers.

Knight is an avid basketball fan, and his passion has turned into a passion for food.

He’s a big fan of the food he eats and has been to a lot of different places to try new food.

The food at his house, on his kitchen table, on the street, on social media.

When he first got his business started, he tried to make a little more of a commitment to food.

But, he said, it just wasn’t enough.

After going through a period of not being able to pay the bills and having to cut back on spending, Knight decided to start catering his home to the fans.

The results speak for themselves.

Since he opened his doors to the community in 2013, he has built up his business and the popularity of his food.

He started serving barbecue to his community by serving BBQ to friends at home.

He also started a barbecue restaurant and is a member of the Greater Los Angeles Food Bank.

He said the food has helped build the foundation of his business.

The restaurant he runs is called Phil’s BBQ.

His goal is to help bring attention to the people of L.A.

He said he has been able to make more friends, and the community that has followed him has been very supportive.

The only thing that is a little bit tougher for him is that he doesn’t get paid enough to pay for the catering.

But he does say that people love the food and that he does have a lot more than $10 million in the bank.

He wants to continue to grow his business, but he’s excited to do it for the community, Knight said.

You can follow Knight on Twitter at @phillysbarbecue and visit his website.