BBQ sauce made from minced chicken is a must for any barbecue restaurant.

And now a Mumbai-based chain is offering it in a brand-new sauce made with the same ingredients that you would use to make BBQ sauce.

According to its website, the sauce is made from the same spices and spices that make up the sauce that is used to make barbecue sauce.

It also uses the same seasoning used to cook meat, according to a press release.

The sauce is being priced at Rs. 50 for a 20-gram jar.

This means it costs Rs. 500 ($3.75) for the sauce to be made from scratch and it is expected to be available in the Mumbai market in March. 

This is the first time in Mumbai that a brand of BBQ sauce has been offered in the city, as Barbecue India is a local brand and is not licensed.

It is not yet clear how the sauce will be priced or how it will be distributed.

The sauces will be sold in a variety of outlets, including chains like Bigg’s, Keg, Lallos, and the newly launched Pizza Hut.

The price is pegged at Rs 10 ($0.80) for a jar of the sauce. 

However, the brand is also selling the sauce at Rs 1,500 ($6.75). 

Mumbai-based barbecuers are not happy about the new sauce.

“I have never had such a good BBQ sauce and am in complete shock that this brand is being allowed to be sold here,” said Shreya Kannan, who owns Barbecues India.

“It is shocking to me as it’s the first brand to come up with such a sauce.

If this is a brand that is going to get into the market, it is not a brand we should have in Mumbai,” she added.