BURNING: An employee at a McDonald’s in Seoul, South Korea, uses a smoker to heat up an egg with barbecue sauce in this still image taken from video.

A McDonald’s restaurant in Seoul has become a hotbed of barbecue-inspired dishes, with its barbecue sauce, barbecue rolls and fried chicken sandwiches.

In this still photo taken from the McDonald’s Restaurant in Seoul on March 10, 2019, an employee stands near a grill with the sauce for a barbecue meal, according to the chain.

This is the first McDonald’s location in the U.S. to feature barbecue sauce.

McDonald’s has launched a mobile app, McDonalds Barbecue, that allows customers to try out some of the restaurant’s barbecue sauces.

The restaurant’s menu has included burgers, chicken wings, fries, chicken sandwiches, and burgers and other chicken dishes.

At the McDonalds in Seoul menu, customers can also choose from a range of sauces, from barbecue sauce to chicken sauce.

McDonald’s has been selling barbecue sauces since 2005.

(AP Photo/South Korean news agency Yonhap) This video, taken from a McDonalds restaurant in Korea, shows the company’s barbecue sauce on a burger, according for the chain, which says that it uses only the freshest ingredients.

“We’re not going to hide behind our heritage and our heritage is always going to be on our menu,” McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook told the WSJ.

According to the WSJs blog, McDonald’s is the only fast-food chain to feature a barbecue sauce at its restaurant.

Another McDonald’s franchisee in California, Burger King, also is selling barbecue sauce and has expanded the menu to include chicken, beef, and pork.

MONDAY MORNING: The first ever McDonalds barbecue chicken sandwich, made from pork, chicken and chicken-based sauce, was introduced in the United States in May 2019, according the WSJS blog.

On the menu in April, it was dubbed the “Best BBQ Chicken Sandwich Ever,” and has become one of the best-selling sandwiches in McDonald’s history.

That sandwich has become popular with diners who enjoy chicken sandwiches made with barbecue chicken and sauce.

The chain has also expanded its barbecue offerings in the past few years, opening restaurants in Chicago, New York and Florida, according with the WSJD blog.