Restaurants that are serving barbecue have a long history of catering to diverse demographics, but some of the most diverse cities in the country are not.

Some of the nation’s largest cities have some of America’s most diverse restaurants.¬†

From small town to urban, our nation’s barbecue restaurants cater to all kinds of people.

The most diverse restaurant chains in America are all within the top 10 most diverse.

Here are the most populous and most diverse communities.

Top 10 Most Diversity-Diverse Cities in America 1.

Austin, Texas-The city of Austin was founded by abolitionist, Thomas Jefferson and was the second largest city in Texas when it was founded in 1838.

The city was home to more than 60 percent African American population by the year 1880, making it one of the oldest major African American cities in America.


Seattle, Washington-The nation’s capital is the largest city of Washington state and is the fifth largest metropolitan area in the United States.

Seattle has a total of 1,931,000 people and the average person lives in the city of Seattle.

Seattle’s most vibrant neighborhood is Downtown Seattle, home to the University of Washington, Seattle Center, the Olympic Aquatics Center and the new Sky Harbor International Airport.


Portland, Oregon-The largest city, Portland, Ore., is a city of over 7 million people and has one of Americas largest and most active black community.

The City of Portland is home to over 40 percent African Americans and is considered one of Oregon’s most multicultural cities.


Miami-Dade County, Florida-Miami-Direc-Florida is home with more than 40,000 residents and is home most of the United State’s largest metropolitan areas.

The metropolitan area includes the city and its surrounding suburbs and is known for its tropical lifestyle.


San Francisco-San Francisco is home of the world famous Golden Gate Bridge, one of our most popular tourist destinations.

The Bay Area’s largest city has a population of over 40 million and boasts of many historic buildings.


Detroit-Michigan is home only to about 2 million people, but the city is known as one of Detroit’s most livable areas with high levels of poverty and unemployment.

Detroit is also home to an extremely diverse population with more minorities, young adults, students and adults of color than any other American city.


Milwaukee-Wisconsin is home not only to the city but also is a world famous, popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world.

The largest city is a bustling hub of business, entertainment, shopping, dining and entertainment.


Baltimore-The second largest metropolitan city in the U.S., Baltimore, Maryland, is home mainly to the suburbs and the city’s main employment centers.

In fact, the city has been described as one the fastest growing major cities in U. S. History, with a population increasing at an average rate of 1.5 percent every year since 2005.


Detroit, Michigan-The third largest city on this list, Detroit, Mich., is home mostly to the area around the Michigan State University and is also known for the downtown area.

The downtown area is home primarily to Detroit’s thriving African American community, with more African American residents than any city in America besides New York City.


Minneapolis-St. Paul-St Paul, Minnesota-Located in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, Minneapolis-Saint Paul is home almost exclusively to African American, Asian American and Hispanic communities.

The Twin Cities is home a large African American and Latino population with an average of 4.3 percent growth per year over the last decade.