Memphis barbecue joints are known for their meats, which include the fried chicken, ribs, and brisket, but they also offer some of the most unique and flavorful meats you’ll find.

Below are our top 10 Memphis BBQ joints to try if you’re craving a hearty meal with a Southern flair.

What’s in Memphis BBQ?

The Memphis barbecue scene has been growing for decades.

In fact, Memphis has long been considered the second-largest city in the US for barbecue restaurants, after Atlanta.

Memphis barbecue was first recognized by the National BBQ Awards in 1967, and by the Food and Wine magazine in 1990.

Memphis has been home to many great barbecue joints over the years, and we’re happy to have you here to check out some of Memphis’ best.1.

Memphis BBQ’s BBQ B.B. King BBQ Barbecue, 818-947-00752.

Smokey Hill BBQ, 703-841-5707, smokeyhillbbqbarbecue.com3.

Memphis Barbecue House, 705-444-4114, Memphisbarbecuehouse.com4.

Memphis Whiskey BBQ, 604-982-6282, mccainbarbecuebarbecue1.

Smokeys BBQ, 1050 N. Broadway, Memphis, TN 38105, smokeysbbqhouse.net2.

Smoked Meat Barbecue Barbecue Company, 1001 W. Main St., Memphis, Tn, 38104, smokedmeatbarbecueco.com1.

BBQ King Barbecue BBQ, 813-737-8223, bkbrb.com2.

The Memphis Barbeque, 713-955-9282,