The most popular barbecue rub on the planet is one of the world’s most popular foods.

But in Canada, barbecue is almost never on the menu at all.

There are only two Canadian restaurants that serve barbecue ribs and barbecue rubs: Barbecue Grill and Barbecue Rubs.

Both are open for dinner on Sundays.

Barbecue is so popular in Canada that it’s been banned in all but two cities: Vancouver and Montreal.

But that hasn’t stopped chefs from creating their own barbecue recipes, and they’ve been doing so for decades.

Some of them have become so popular that they’re even becoming household names.

Some are better known than others.

Here are 10 of the best barbecue recipes in Canada.


The Barbecue Sauce recipe This recipe is from the barbeque bible, The Barbeque Cookbook.

Barbequed is a popular way of describing barbecue, and the recipe uses barbecue sauce to make the sauce even better.

This recipe has been used in restaurants across Canada since the 1980s.


The BBQ Rub recipe This is a recipe from the Barbecue Cookbook and a variation of this one.

It’s also an iconic Canadian recipe.

It uses barbecue rub to give the sauce a more savoury flavour.


The Pork Slaw recipe This sauce recipe from The Barbecues Cookbook is a favourite among Canadian barbecuers and is used in more than 50 restaurants across the country.


The Mac and Cheese recipe This classic recipe is based on a classic barbecue recipe from New York City and is one that’s made with chicken, pork, and cheese.

It was originally created by one of Canada’s most famous barbecues, Michael Jackson.


The Chicken and Waffle recipe This one is based off of a recipe in the Canadian Barbecue Book, but this one is made with a whole chicken and waffle instead of a whole pancake.


The Pesto and Mac and Cheddar recipe The original version of this recipe, published in the Barbecue Cookbook, was the first recipe to be published in Canada in over 100 years.

It has been adapted to many Canadian restaurants and is now considered to be one of our most popular barbecuing recipes.


The Garlic and Dried Tomato recipe A recipe from this barbecued recipe was published in The Barbs Cookbook in 1969.

It is still one of Toronto’s most iconic recipes.


The Beef and Prawn Recipe The recipe from a barbecuation book published in New York in 1964 is one Canada’s best-known barbecue recipes.


The Cheddar and Onion Soup recipe This version of the recipe from Toronto’s Barbecuing Magazine, published two years before this one, is one the most popular Canadian barbecue recipes and is often made with cheddar and onion soup.


The Spicy Chicken and Pork Recipe The original recipe from Barbecures Magazine, written by John R. Turturro, was one of Turturos best-selling barbecures.

It won several awards including the Canadian National Barbecued Award for the best of Canada.

This is the second recipe to win that award.