The Texas BBQ market is undergoing a transition and is looking to the next phase, said Chris Rieschmann, CEO of the Texas Barbecue Association, during a conference call on Friday.

It’s been a challenging year for the industry, but the industry is getting stronger, he said.

There are a lot of changes coming, including the adoption of a new federal rule that will help protect farmers and ranchers who raise cattle on federal land.

There will also be changes to regulations for meat processing, he added.

“I think the industry’s going to be better off, and I’m optimistic that the market will be able to thrive,” he said, according to Axios.

Rieschman added that Texas has “the highest-performing” markets in the country.

Texas barbecue, a food and beverage market in Texas, has been experiencing a rapid expansion and has seen a sharp drop in revenue from the Texas market, according a report from the University of Southern California.

The study showed that sales of Texas barbecue declined 11% in 2015 and 14% in 2016, dropping to $3.7 billion.

The industry has struggled with inflation and food shortages as the U.S. dollar has weakened.

It also faces competition from the likes of China, which recently introduced a new food safety standard that makes it more difficult for imported meats to be shipped in from China.

Food manufacturers have been lobbying the federal government for a ban on beef imported from China, and the U