BANGOR, Maine (AP) — Why does it take so long to make the best barbecue at a BBQ restaurant?

Or the best hamburger in a restaurant?

It seems to me there are a lot of different kinds of barbecue, and a lot to learn, and there’s a lot more to do.

So, in celebration of the end of the winter season and the beginning of spring, I decided to look at a few things that have been going on at some of the nation’s most famous barbecue joints.

Here’s what we found.

The first thing I did was try to pick out a few barbecue-related terms that people who aren’t barbecue aficionados might recognize.

And here are a few of them:Beef brisket: This is a brisket pulled from a cow.

It is usually made from the tail of a pig.

It’s often grilled or smoked to make a more tender form of beef brisket.

It’s used to make barbecue sauce, and it can be served on a bun.

Barbecue sauce: The thick, thick sauce that coats the meat.

The sauce is typically made from beef fat.

Barbecue sauce is commonly made with vinegar or water, but there’s no need to use vinegar or vinegar-based barbecue sauce.

You can also add vinegar or oil to make it a less-pungent, more-seasoned sauce.

Broil brisket, barbecue sauce: This method of cooking brisket is known as barbecue sauce or barbecue sauce barbecue.

Broiler brisket brisket and barbecue sauce-barbecue: This type of brisket consists of pork or lamb and is usually done over a high heat and then braised in a barbecue sauce (or barbecue sauce barbeque).

It can be used to coat beef or pork ribs.

It is typically done in a slow-cooked, slow-roasting method, and often comes with a side of cornbread or barbecue.

Burgers: This term refers to the meats that go into a brisketer.

A brisket can have anywhere from 10 to 25 pieces of meat, depending on the size and shape of the brisket (or, if it’s pork, a side).

The most common type of barbecue is the smoked brisket style.

Smoked brisket beef: This brisket comes from a smoker that is set up so that smoke is continuously coming out of the chimney.

The smoke creates a really good smoke flavor.

It has a smoke flavor that is like nothing you’ve ever had before.

It tastes almost like bacon, but it has a really nice smoke flavor as well.

It comes with some extra sauce to finish the smoke.

Smoked briskets are used to serve meatloaf.

They can be made on a bread bun or topped with a tomato, cheese or other meaty sauce.

Barbeque brisket : This is the meat that goes on the grill.

It can be done over hot coals.

It comes with barbecue sauce and is often served on bread or a bun, and can also be made with a sauce of vinegar, oil or vinegar.

Barbeques are typically made with meat that’s pulled from the tails of pigs or cattle, and they can be eaten cold or in the summer.

Barbecued beef briskets: This version of the barbequed beef briskot comes from the carcass of a cow that has been raised on a pig farm.

This type has a meaty flavor, but you’ll still find a lot about this style of briskot.

The brisket isn’t cooked over hot gas, so it will retain more of the juices than a smoked briskot does.

Barbacoa brisket ribs: This style of barbeqeet ribs comes from animals raised on pigs, or cows raised on dairy farms.

They’re usually made with pork or beef briskett, with sauce made from vinegar or other ingredients.

They are often served in salads and stuffed with a variety of meats.

Baked brisket with a roasted garlic and shallot sauce: These are barbecue-style briskets that have a base of chicken or turkey fat.

They come with some added sauce to make them a less salty, but still tasty, barbecue-like sauce.

Balsamic glazed brisket or brisket waffle: This kind of barbecue waffle comes from beef, pork or chicken.

It usually has pork or turkey on the side.

They have a glaze of sauce on top of the meat to give it a nice sear.

The glaze is a little bit of vinegar.

It gives the waffle a little extra flavor.

It also gives it a crispy, chewy texture, so that it’s easier to grab and eat.

It often comes topped with lettuce and tomato.

Bagels and sandwiches: This phrase is used to describe a sandwich that is made from multiple ingredients.

It has a sauce made up of a variety from vinegar to tomato, and then baked to a crisp. They