There is something of a backlash when it comes to the concept of barbecue, which is largely synonymous with fried chicken.

A chicken drumstick is the perfect dish, but what about the barbecued chicken, the chicken wings, the braised chicken or even the whole chicken?

There are all sorts of variations of barbecue available, with the key elements being fried chicken and pork ribs.

Here are the top five dishes that have gained popularity from Four Four Two.

Chicken drumsticks are popular in Hawaii and they are one of the most popular barbecue dishes in Hawaii.

However, the best part of the dish is the fried chicken, which can be made with any combination of meats and vegetables.

Barbecue chicken can be very healthy too, as there are some very low fat options.

Barbecued shrimp is a popular choice, and is made with the meat, shrimp, and vegetables mixed together.

Chicken wings are one type of BBQ that is very popular in the United States.

They can be grilled and served over a medium heat, with all the flavours of chicken mixed in.

They are made with chicken breast, boneless, skinless chicken breast with a thin layer of bacon, onions, garlic and pepper.

This is one of our favourites.

It is also a great way to cook chicken wings over a slow cooker.

Barbeque chicken can also be used as a dip.

You can dip the chicken into a variety of sauces, such as a sauce made from a blend of garlic and ginger, tomato and vinegar.

A variety of barbecue sauces are also available on Four Four Themes, including barbecue chicken with peanut butter and jelly, chicken strips, BBQ chicken wings and chicken salad.

Chicken thighs are also a popular BBQ option, as they are a great source of protein.

Bar-b-que chicken is made by combining chicken with vegetables and meat.

You will find that it is quite difficult to find chicken thighs that are not marinated in some sort of sauce, or with marinade that is thick and sweet.

The meat, bones and bones of chicken are then combined with some vegetables and herbs and added to the chicken, along with some marinades to make it taste amazing.

Chicken with chicken wings is another popular BBQ alternative, but is a bit more difficult to cook, and requires a bit of a bitching about marinating.

You would be amazed how many chicken wings you can find on sale, with chicken legs being the most common type of wing.

Barbacued shrimp, chicken wings or barbecue chicken can all be eaten hot or cold, with some variations of both.

They all contain different flavours and textures, and are often cooked over a hot grill.

Bar BBQ chicken is a great option for lunch and dinner, but be careful not to overcook the meat.

Chicken is often marinated, so the heat will melt the bones.

If you prefer the tenderness of chicken wings for dinner, try a barbecue chicken.