In the past year, the world has seen an explosion of barbecue, with barbecue restaurants popping up in all kinds of locations, including malls, train stations and restaurants.

The restaurants are popular in Dubai and other cities where the ban on smoking has been relaxed.

The number of barbecue joints in Dubai has nearly doubled in the past decade, with more than 2,000 already operating in the UAE, and many more in other parts of the country.

Al Jazeera’s Nabeel Khan travelled to the capital, Dubai, for a rare look inside the barbecue world, and spoke to the owners of some of the restaurants where the smoking ban has been loosened.

Al Jazeeras Nabeels visit to the barbecue joint that became a symbol of the ban in Dubai, and his report is published on Friday.

We went inside to meet some of these restaurants, and they were all different, with some of them having been open for years and were well-known.

I think there is an opportunity for people to be more conscious about how they cook, to not only eat well, but also to eat out more often and to do things that are more creative.

They are all very different and interesting places.

I feel like they are going to come to the same conclusion, that they need to evolve in a way that can accommodate the new regulations that have come in.

The only way to do that is to change the way that they cook.

In the process, the barbecue is going to evolve into something that is much more creative, and that is very exciting.

But I think the best thing about the barbecue, and this is where I feel most comfortable, is that the people here are very open about what they are doing.

They want to learn about different techniques and to try new things, and I think that is what they do.

Al Azhar Al Azhari: I heard that there was a time when you could order a plate of ribs in Dubai?

Aisha Al Shihabi: There was a certain time in the early 2000s.

I don’t remember the exact number of ribs, but the restaurant I was in was one of the few that was open.

We had one of those big, flat plates, and we had the ribs and we would sit down to eat, and then we would have the plates of ribs and it would be very hot.

And we would go and get the plates and the ribs would come out on the table and we could have a good dinner.

Al Zayed Al Zaydi: And it was just like that.

I remember when I was younger, the barbecues in Dubai were more like this, and when I came back in 2011, the place was a little different, but I felt very comfortable.

Al Shifaa: The atmosphere was really good.

There were no problems.

We were just sitting there in the restaurant and they would have a menu with all kinds, of different things.

And then you could have some salad, and a drink, and you could take the napkins.

There was no pressure, because we didn’t have any problems with anything.

We just sat there and enjoyed our meal.

Al Nusrah Al Nuzairi: We used to have a lot of tables here, and there were people who would come and sit on them.

And you had to be very careful.

We used not to eat food on the tables because the place used to get quite crowded, and so we had to go and pick up plates from other tables.

Al Khaled Al Khattab: It used to be a very popular restaurant.

Al Nahyan Al Nahdi: This restaurant used to stay open till 10 pm.

And this place, which is called ‘Nahyan Barbecue’, is very popular, so we used to come here from time to time to enjoy it.

Al Al Ghurr Al Al Qari: I went here once, and the people that came in, I was very impressed with the food.

They were very well dressed, and their clothes were very clean, so it was really nice.

Al Hamid Al Hamdi: The restaurant was open for 10 to 11 pm.

The people were very good.

They brought a lot to eat.

They gave us some sweets and some things that were special.

Al Aswad Al Asaad: When we were coming to Dubai, it was very crowded.

But the restaurant was very good, and very nice.

We could get our food very fast, because there were many people here.

And it didn’t matter whether we were in a restaurant or not, because they were waiting for us.

We always went out of our way to eat at the restaurant, because I was there from the beginning, and it was always packed.

Al Hisham Al Shishani: This is the only restaurant that is open during the ban, and one of its