If you’ve ever wanted to track the best restaurants in America and Canada, this guide is for you.

If you haven’t, be sure to read the guide’s “tips” before you get started.1.

Be prepared to pay $1,200 for a plate of mac and cheese2.

Get a copy of The New York Times3.

Use a credit card to buy a ticket to the country with the best burgers (you can also get the ticket for free)4.

Go to a barbecue restaurant and try their barbecue brisket5.

Find out what the best chicken wings are in the state you live in (the only places that can’t list them are Alaska, California, Hawaii, New Jersey, Vermont, Wyoming, and Virginia)6.

Learn about the city of Buffalo and its food scene7.

Search out restaurants that have been featured on the Food Network8.

Visit a restaurant and ask the owner if they have any wings9.

Try the city’s most expensive burgers and fries10.

Go for a walk through the city, or catch up on your favorite books11.

Look for restaurants that sell locally produced products like beer and wine12.

Find the most popular new bars in the city (you won’t find a bar named “Cocktails” in Buffalo)13.

Visit the city center14.

Eat at one of the city bars in a different city15.

Get creative in your search for a new burger spot16.

Try some new recipes at one place17.

Check out the city-owned museums18.

Eat in one of Buffalo’s oldest restaurants19.

Visit one of its newest restaurants20.

Find an affordable restaurant in Buffalo21.

Eat out at a Buffalo bar22.

Get in a face-to-face conversation with one of your best friends23.

Learn the local history of Buffalo24.

Get into a friendly competition with a friend25.

See how many Buffalo residents live in the Buffalo area26.

Eat your first Buffalo burger27.

Find a local ice cream shop28.

Get your first ice cream cone29.

Check the Buffalo Zoo’s website30.

Go back to the local library31.

See a Buffalo city council meeting, or visit the mayor’s office32.

Eat a local delicacy at a local bar33.

Take a class in Buffalo34.

Take an outdoor lesson35.

Watch a local music concert36.

Eat some local food37.

Learn a new local dish38.

Meet the local people39.

Go out for a drink40.

Go shopping41.

Meet a local bartender42.

Find Buffalo-themed attractions43.

Go on a fishing trip44.

Visit some of the oldest and best fishing spots45.

Find some new local restaurants46.

Go fishing in the Catskills47.

Go bowling48.

Go sledding49.

Eat dinner50.

Eat ice cream at the local ice rink51.

Get to know a local doctor52.

Take your first road trip53.

Go swimming54.

Go skiing55.

Eat the freshest seafood in the country56.

Meet some of Buffalo-area’s best chefs57.

Go skating58.

Go hiking59.

Get ready to go on a bike ride60.

Meet with a local lawyer61.

Get the latest weather conditions62.

Go hunting63.

Visit an old-fashioned inn64.

Go snowshoeing65.

Eat delicious food66.

Get ice cream in your mouth67.

Go camping with a new friend68.

Take part in a fun new event69.

Eat all the local brews70.

Go biking71.

Go golfing72.

Visit local bars73.

Go kayaking74.

Go surfing 75.

Eat locally produced food76.

Learn to play a sport77.

Go canoeing78.

Go mountain biking79.

Go yoga 80.

Eat food from Buffalo restaurants and restaurants from other parts of the country81.

Go dancing82.

Visit art museums and galleries83.

Go diving, surfing, and kayaking84.

Go horseback riding85.

Go rollerblading86.

Go a walking tour of a local farm or barn87.

Visit old-time-style fishing shops88.

Go ice skating89.

Eat chicken wings90.

Visit ice cream shops and farmers markets91.

Visit another old-style farm or factory92.

Go sailing93.

Go tubing94.

Eat an ice cream and drink a cold beverage95.

Go tobogganing96.

Go rock climbing97.

Eat pizza98.

Get an ice-cream cone99.

Go skiing1000.

Get out for the night101.

Get away from the sun on a snowshoes or sled102.

Go cycling and hiking103.

Go scuba diving104.

Go archery105.

Go bike riding106.

Go birdwatching107.

Go cross country skiing108.

Go hike in the mountains109.

Go skateboarding110.

Go fly fishing111.

Go rafting112.

Go bicycling113.

Go basketball basketball114.

Go baseball baseball115.

Go football football116