By now you probably know that when you order a barbecue sauce from a local BBQ restaurant, you’re probably going to get the real thing, which is a combination of barbecue meats, spices and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.

And if you don’t know what that is, well, you can always go to the store.

So it’s worth doing a little research on your own.

But if you’re one of those people who only knows the stuff in a grocery store, here’s the deal: the most famous barbecue sauce in the world is actually the sauce from an Australian restaurant in Sydney’s west.

What is it?

Dawg’s Barbecue is one of the most popular barbecue restaurants in Australia, and is best known for its pork barbecue.

And what is it about its barbecue that makes it so popular?

It’s the result of a long history of barbecue, starting in the 1860s, when a family of barbecuers in Sydney decided to make a sauce that would complement their barbecue.

Dawn Davies is the founder of Dawg’s, which has become a national landmark for barbecue.

“It’s a very simple sauce,” she says.

“We’re using our own spices and the best BBQ ingredients.”

Dawg Davies is one the biggest barbecue restaurants outside Sydney, with a menu that is twice the size of a football pitch.

“Our barbecue is a very different kind of cooking,” she explains.

“The flavours come from the barbecue meats.”

So why is it so successful?

There are four major reasons why Dawg is so popular.

First, its not just about the meat.

“Dawgs is so good because we do everything from the pork and the meat to the sauces and the sauces are made from the finest ingredients.

The sauce is a real statement.”

Second, the sauce is very versatile.

“When you go to a BBQ restaurant in Australia it’s not really a question of where you’re from,” she adds.

“You’re going to have the pork, the beef, the lamb, the chicken, the pork chops, the beans, the veal, the bacon, the sausage, the ham and the veg.”

Third, the sauces, which are a blend of barbecue spices, are made with local ingredients.

Finally, Dawg uses local ingredients to make sauces that are both affordable and flavourful.

Dawg BBQ is a unique take on the traditional sauce, with pork and beef on the side and pork, chicken, veal and lamb on the bottom.

“All the sauces we use are local,” says Davies.

“And we’ve been able to use them in every way we can to make them so that you can choose from a range of different sauces.”

The sauce you’re about to taste is the “barbecue sauce”.

It’s made with barbecue meats that are ground and then mixed with Worcester and Worcesershire sauce to create the best barbecuing sauce on the market.

It contains Worcesbershire and Worcestriescotch spice blend, and the sauce also contains Worriestershire, Worcestry, Worcestery and Worcester spice blend to create a spicy sauce.

The result is a flavour that you won’t get anywhere else. 

The sauce, on the other hand, is made with only Worcescotch.

“If you’re in a bar that’s open, it’s really good to have something that’s only Worcestrys, that’s not the standard stuff,” says Dawg.

“But we have to make sure that it’s something you can actually taste.”

The barbecue sauce is made from all the ingredients that you normally find in the barbecue in Sydney, including Worcesorshire and the Worcesery spice blend.

“And that’s what makes it unique. 

“To create that smoky sauce you need to have a lot of spice.” “

We use a little bit of Worcestorshire in the sauce to add a little smokiness to it,” says Davids.

“To create that smoky sauce you need to have a lot of spice.” 

This is where the Worcestrayscotch comes in.

“Worcesterscotch is the spice that comes from Worceseriescotch and is the best way to use it,” explains Davies. 

“The smell of the Worcester sauce is fantastic.

It smells like fresh pork.

It’s a great barbecue sauce.” 

It is also good for those with sensitive skin, like pregnant women or those who have allergies. 

So, what does the sauce taste like?

“It really is just a blend,” says Evans.

“Some people like the sauce a little sweeter and some people like it a little more smoky and some like a little sweet.” 

The flavours are balanced by the spicy, but not overpowering, sauce. 

When you’re done you can enjoy this barbecue