BAMAKO, Senegal — A Brazilian barbecue giant has sold the world record for its most expensive grill.

The grill at the BAMKH, which is owned by Brazilian BBQ and is the largest in the world, weighs over 10 tons.

The total cost is around $20 million, the Brazilian company said.

The BAMHK is the biggest barbecue grill in the history of the world and the biggest in Brazil, where the grill was designed in 2001.

The grill is also the only one that features a traditional wooden structure.

The world record was announced Monday by the BAMPKH in a presentation to the world press.

It is the first barbecue grill to be sold by a company of its size.

Brazilian BBQ said it has spent a total of $40 million on the grill.

It also plans to buy more than 100 other barbecue grill models and build a restaurant in the future.

Brazil’s new president, Michel Temer, has promised to boost investment in Brazil’s economy.