Israel will install a system of cameras and radar to monitor and track Syrian border crossings as it expands its border security, Israeli security sources told The Jerusalem Mail.

The new system is part of the IDF’s “Green Line,” which is a strategy to strengthen security along Israel’s northern border.

A similar system is being deployed in the West Bank.

The plan to expand the surveillance cameras was first reported by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, which cited an unnamed senior security official.

“In order to monitor the movements of terrorists, we are planning to install a new surveillance system,” the official said, according to the newspaper.

“We are going to install it in a military base in the northern part of [Israel’s] Golan Heights, as we did in the Jordan Valley.

This system will be located along the border of the Syrian Golan and will be deployed at a distance of 200 meters.”

There will be a security perimeter and an additional surveillance system to guard the border.

This new system will also monitor movement of vehicles coming from Syria.

The first one will be operational this month.

We plan to launch another one in July, but it will be launched with the approval of the military.

“For instance, if an IDF soldier is in a vehicle, and a group of fighters enter the vehicle, the camera will detect the movement of the driver. “

The cameras will help us to determine if an area is being used for terrorist activity and, if so, who is operating there,” the security official said.

“For instance, if an IDF soldier is in a vehicle, and a group of fighters enter the vehicle, the camera will detect the movement of the driver.

This will give us an idea of the movements, including the number of vehicles entering and leaving the vehicle.”

The system is designed to monitor vehicles crossing the border, as well as the movements from the Syrian side.

“It’s not a complete surveillance system, but the idea is to provide an effective deterrent against terrorist movements, particularly the movements that are coming from the [Syrian] side,” the source told Haaretz.

“Our goal is to create a deterrent system that will deter terrorists and will prevent them from crossing the Green Line.

The system will provide us with intelligence on movements of individuals who enter the country, while the soldiers will be able to take action against terrorists.”

The IDF also plans to build a network of border fences and to upgrade existing border fences.

A system of surveillance cameras in Israel is being tested.

A new surveillance camera system is set to be installed on the border between Israel and Syria, and it will monitor movements of Syrian vehicles.

According to Haaretz’s source, the system will consist of cameras that are mounted on truck trailers, in trailers and in military vehicles.

These cameras will also detect movement from the “Green line,” which runs along the Golan.

The footage of vehicles will also be shared with the IDF, the security source said.

The IDF will also build an additional “Red Line” surveillance system in the “Belt of Fire,” the region along Israel and the Syrian border, where militants have been planning attacks against Israeli civilians and troops.

“This system will increase the number and duration of border crossings and will help protect the soldiers’ lives, and their families,” the senior security source told The Mail.

“Currently, we do not have a system that is operational.

The next step will be to build it.”

In the Gordan Valley, the Israeli army is building a network to monitor movements from Syria’s side.

The “Greenline” system will help Israel protect its border, but a system similar to the new system could also be used in the Gordon.

The Green Line has been deployed in a number of areas, including on the Gush Etzion-Beit Shemesh road and in the occupied West Bank, in order to prevent infiltration by militant groups.

According for instance, a new system to monitor movement from Syria is being installed in the area of Gush El, near the Israeli-Syrian border.

“These systems have been built in the last few years,” the Israeli security official told Haavara Ha’aretz.

However, the systems are not deployed in all areas, such as in the Eshkol region in the north of the country.

A source told the newspaper that the Green line system in Gush el is not yet operational.

“While the Green lines is being upgraded, the Red lines system is not operational.

This is why we are focusing on developing the Green Lines system in areas where the Redlines system is operational, including in the Galilee,” the intelligence source said, referring to the Gdynia-Beersheba area in the south of the Galilean desert.

The Israeli army recently expanded the surveillance system near the Jordan River, and recently built a fence along the Jordan river.

Israel’s security establishment hopes to expand surveillance along the Green and Red lines in order, in part