The concept of a barbecue inn is a well-worn one in the restaurant business.

The idea is to create a relaxing space for diners to relax and unwind.

But for some, the concept of an inn is not always as relaxing as it could be.

The concept of the barbecue inn may be familiar to the Canadian public, but for the vast majority of Canadians, it’s not a household word.

But, in recent years, the hospitality industry has seen a resurgence of interest in the concept.

The industry is in a great place right now and I think that the trend is definitely going to continue and I would expect to see more and more restaurants that are going to do it in the near future,” said Craig Clements, owner of the restaurant called the Walmarts BBQ Inn in Calgary, Alberta.

Clements is the founder of the Walms BBQ Inn and Barbecue Kitchen in Calgary.

The restaurant is run by a crew of chefs and barbecuers who work with guests and patrons to create unique barbecue experiences that offer an authentic dining experience for all types of tastes.”

It’s about making sure that we are taking the time to really know the customer and the person they are dining with and what their needs are and the comfort level,” said Clements.

The restaurant was founded in the early 2000s.

The concept was originally meant to serve a casual dinner for a few hundred guests.

But the demand for the service, quality of the food and the location in Calgary all lead to the restaurant being expanded to its current size.

The kitchen is one of many in the industry that offers guests a taste of home while keeping costs down.

The kitchen is a unique experience.

There is a bar area with a table, chairs, and tables with tables, chairs and tables, and the kitchen itself is a large dining room with a full bar and a full kitchen.

The bar area is a communal space for a small group of guests.

There’s also a private dining room, a private sauna and a private spa area.

The food is also handcrafted to order and prepared on the spot, which makes the experience very enjoyable.

You can have the family or just have friends who are in the same room. “

When you go to a restaurant, the whole experience is a little bit different.

You can have the family or just have friends who are in the same room.

So that’s really the best thing about this,” said Jennifer Davenport, who owns the Calgary restaurant The Cheesesteak.

“We’ve got a lot of different people who love it.

They come in and they’re all different in their tastes, but we all enjoy it, and we all go in there and try to eat the food together.

We try to keep the prices low and keep it fun.

It’s a fun way to have fun with your friends.”

The kitchen has also become a way for Clements to promote his restaurant, which has become a big hit.

It has been featured on CBC News, the Edmonton Journal, and The Calgary Eyeopener.

Clements said the barbecue in the food is great.

“The restaurant is really popular and has been on CBC, so it’s definitely growing.

It also has a lot to do with the fact that we have a big catering program.

We have a lot more catering that we’re doing and so it has really been a huge success.”

The restaurant has opened a second location in Edmonton, Alberta and is also expanding to Toronto.

The company is looking to open new locations in other Canadian cities in the coming years.