You can make a delicious turkey and duck dish for under $20, and this recipe for easy barbecue pork and chicken is a quick and easy way to do it.

A great way to prepare meat for Thanksgiving, this recipe is very forgiving and can be easily modified for a variety of variations.

You can use the turkey and chicken to make a quick stuffing, stuffing for a turkey or a stew, a meatloaf, a stuffing for gravy, a turkey dish or even to serve with mashed potatoes or cranberry sauce.

The chicken and turkey recipe below can also be made into a hearty stew or chicken stock, or even baked and enjoyed on its own.

The recipe can also use turkey and pork, but you’ll have to cut back on the fat and add more broth to the stock.

You’ll also have to adjust the salt and pepper if you use pork.

You might even want to use the leftover gravy instead of the stock to make this recipe even better.

The easy barbecue recipe for a quick, easy Thanksgiving meal for under a hundred bucks can be found here.