The sun is rising over the bayou, a warm day is coming to an end.

A small party of men are eating their barbecue ribs, but as the sun sets they are back to normal.

They have just had a full moon barbecue in the small bayou town of LaPlace, Louisiana, and they have decided to celebrate by celebrating with their barbecue spare ribs.

In the video you can hear the men joking about what to do with the spare ribs after the barbecue.

“It was a good idea to put the spare rib on the grill for a little while,” said one of the men, referring to the time it takes to cook a chicken breast.

“That’s what we were doing.

We had to wait for the sun to go down, and we were trying to eat a chicken before the sun came up.

We were just enjoying the weather and all that stuff,” said another of the party.”

I don’t know if we had a barbecue spare, but I’m sure we did.

We’ve been getting one or two a week since we got here,” said a third of the barbecue party.

One of the spare-rib barbecueers said it was a lot of fun.

“The people here have been nice and helpful.

I think it was like a community effort,” said the man.”

We’re just trying to do something to make sure that we’re not alone here,” he said.

“It’s good to have a little bit of love, because you don’t want to get hungry.”

The barbecue spare rib party is part of a national trend of full moon events in which the moon rises in a full-moon-themed setting.

The moon is also the traditional time for many of the events in the United States.

In this month’s full moon, the moon will rise over New Orleans on December 21.

It will also set over San Francisco on December 22.

This year, it is part and parcel of the Lunar New Year festivities.