There are two main flavours of barbecue seasoning.

The classic “red sauce” and the newer “hot” “chili”.

The first two are easy to make, but the hot chili is much more complicated and can take a lot of experimenting to master.

We take a look at the basics and learn how to make the hot pepper.


How to make hot chili You need a pot with a lid, a lidless metal pot and a lid.

A pot with lid is called a “chilong” or “chillong” and is usually filled with water.

You need to cook the hot peppers in a lid with a little bit of water to get the right temperature.

If the pot is too hot, the peppers will be mushy and mushy.

You can keep it covered and let the water evaporate as the peppers cook.


What to do with the hot chilong 2.1.

Heat the water 3.

Add the hot sauce 4.

Cook the hot and spicy peppers 6.

Add salt and pepper 7.

Serve on the side of the rice The chilongs can be served on the sides of rice or on the flat side of a plate.

3.1 Hot Chili The best way to cook a chilang is to use a metal pot with two sides, one flat side and one high side.

A lid is a must to keep the chilangs hot.

You’ll find them in some markets in the south-east.

The lid is then opened with a metal spoon.

Heat it up with the lid and then cover with water to bring it to a boil.

You want to keep it at a moderate temperature and to let the heat escape through the lid.

It’s best to cook it in a pot of boiling water.

If you want to do it on the high side, you can put a lid on a saucepan and add a little more water to it.

You don’t want the heat to go up as the lid heats.

If your pot doesn’t have a lid you’ll have to use the lid to keep a lid off.

If it’s too hot to do this, you’ll need to use tongs to open the lid until the water has cooled down.

It should come out easily with a fork or knife.

The heat of the chili will cook the chilies seeds and make them tender.

The chiles should be tender and a little dry when they’re done.

If they’re too dry, add more water and continue cooking.

It can take up to 15 minutes to cook all the chiles.

Once the chile is done, the lid should be partially open and you can leave it sitting in the pot for about 30 minutes.

You’re ready to use it. 4.

How long does it take to cook?

If you’re using a metal kettle, then it takes 15 minutes, but it can take much longer if you’re just cooking in a sauce pan.

A non-metal kettle won’t work as it won’t have the heat source to hold the hot pot up.

The pot can be left sitting in a heatproof dishwasher for 15 minutes or longer.

If a pot is left in the dishwasher overnight, the water will have boiled away.

A stainless steel kettle should be boiled for 10 minutes.


How much heat to use The amount of heat you need to put in a chile depends on the heat of your pot.

A lot depends on how much heat is needed to cook each chile.

For a simple recipe, you need 1.5 liters of water for each chilung, or about 50 quarts.

For more complicated recipes, you might need more or less water.

5 liters = 50 quarks = 5,000 quarks per chilanger Heat the pot by adding a tablespoonful of water in increments of 10, 30 or 50 millilitres (liters).

For example, if you want about 10 litres of water, add 20 quarks.

5 quarks (10) = 50 milligrams (mug of hot sauce) 5 mugs of hot hot sauce = 50 liters (litres) You can add a tablespoon of hot chili sauce for each 50 quark (10 quarks) you add.

The water and chili sauce will help to keep things at a very low temperature.

For example if you add 1 tablespoon of chili sauce, you will need 10 litres (50 litres) of water.

The chili will get a nice, slightly charred flavour.

A more intense heat is also useful.

If cooking for a large group of people, it may be better to heat it up to about 100 litres.


How many people should you use?

A group of 5 is a good size to cook for.

The bigger the group, the more time and space you’ll get to cook them.

The more people, the better.


Can I make it more spicy?

Yes, it’s possible.

The hotter you cook the peppers,